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Naitauba Primary School after the cyclone

Naitauba Primary School and Safe-House

Tropical Cyclone Winston caused tremendous damage in Ciqomi, the employees’ village on Naitauba Island. The village was not prepared for a storm of such magnitude, and the safety of residents was seriously threatened.  Now a plan is in place to build a new dual-purpose school and safe house on higher ground.  

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Naitauba from the sea

Support Immediate Relief Efforts For Naitauba Affected by Cyclone Winston

Donate here to support the urgent relief efforts for Naitauba Island affected by Cyclone "Winston". This category 5 storm - the strongest ever to hit the southern hemisphere - has affected much of Fiji. On Naitauba island crucial structures have been devastated by the storm. While the storm is still active we are grateful for every donation that helps us assist our friends on Naitauba with their most urgent needs. We will keep updating details about the destruction caused by Winston as we receive more information directly from the island. Read more

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reef from the air

Naitauba Reef Preservation

The Naitauba reef is of extraordinary beauty. Last year, a research team from the Univerity of the South Pacific studied the reef to assess and monitor the status of the reef. For ongoing monitoring there is the need to install research-quality data loggers to record ocean temperatures in and around Naitauba's reef. For more information go to off-site or contact David Forsythe via the contact form.

Power from the Sun

Naitauba on Solar Power

Solar energy development is an important project on Naitauba. Our goal is to minimize dependency on fossil fuels and increase Island self-sufficiency. A pilot project was launched in 2009 and the first phase of a large project was recently completed. The second phase of this project is planned for 2016. If you are moved to support solar power on Naitauba, please contact Cornel Naumann via the contact form for more information.

Temple Adi Da on Naitauba Island

Adi Da Samrajashram Temples

Like everything else in the tropics, the Temples on Naitauba require dedicated care to protect these sacred places from deterioration, mold, corrosion, infestation. If you are moved to provide funds for the upkeep of the Temples on Naitauba, please contact Gilbert Evans or Bradley Crawford via the contact form.

Current project: four large carpets for Temple Adi Da

tractor for the farm

Equipment for the Naitauba Farm

If you are interested in supporting farm equipment, contact island manager Chris Merz via the contact form.

Defibrillator for Clinic

Equipment for the Naitauba Clinic

The clinic provides essential services for all Naitauba residents, staff and their families and even in occasional emergencies for people from nearby islands. Some of its equipment is old and in need of replacement. For example the defibrillator is an essential piece of equipment that can save a person's life in the event of a heart attack, and a more up to date and reliable model is urgently needed. For more information, contact island manager Chris Merz or doctor Charles Seage via the contact form.

Support Naitauba's scholarship program

Since 2005 devotees of Adi Da Samraj have sponsored a scholarship program which enables ten children from Ciqomi and a neighboring island to attend secondary school for up to 5 years. This program is known and admired throughout Fiji, and in addition to enhancing the lives and opportunities of the children involved and their families, very positively serves Naitauba's reputation and standing in the local area  and nationally.  If you would like to contribute to this program, contact Hanneke Vlaar via the contact form.

Specialized Skills and Expertise

If you have special skills in areas such as self-sufficiency, island and reef ecology, organic gardening or environmental protection, we invite you to contact island manager Chris Merz via the contact form about how you may be of service to Naitauba Island.

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The Island of Naitauba is managed by the Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty. Ltd. as trustee of the Avataric Samrajya of Adidam, an Australian Charitable Trust. Including the Avataric Samrajya of Adidam in your will, estate or financial plans is a great way to support the future of Naitauba Island. If you are interested to make a planned gift, please contact us via the contact form or phone: USA: Regis Trainor at +1-707-677-9113 Oceania & Asia: Roger Tonkin at +64-211323080 Europe: Hanneke Vlaar at +31-475-301651