Introducing the Reef Website

August 27, 2013

We are very happy to announce our new website “The Naitauba Reef Preservation Initiative” to chronicle our work to carry out Adi Da’s admonition to monitor the state of Naitauba’s extraordinary and beautiful coral reef, and to do what can be done to preserve it, protect it, and help support its well-being.

Our work to understand and care for the reef is unfolding as a collaborative process that extends around the world, gathering resources and support from those who are moved to participate. We will be sharing beautiful images of the reef and its inhabitants as we chronicle our voyage of learning and discovery.

Join with us as we find out more about the rich and diverse world of living forms that encircles Naitauba’s shores and that is a crucial dimension of our stewardship of this unique place.

Exploration of the Naitauba Reef off-site