Naitauba Cyclone Relief Update, May 9, 2016

After more than two and one half months since Cyclone Winston, Naitauba, a great Spiritual Treasure and the Source of Adi Da Samraj’s world blessing work, continues to recover and to heal. Much of the damage to roads, utilities and marine transportation has been repaired and we are providing safe shelter for all the residents as well as restoring and securing all the articles and sites that were empowered by Adi Da. Focusing on the most vulnerable Temples and residences, we are also beginning the process of migrating to higher ground.

However, the task of full recovery is very daunting. Residents of Naitauba say that the destruction wrought by the cyclone was so vast that you almost have to be on the Island to comprehend the extent of it. It will take years of a great and sustained collective effort to repair what was destroyed and to restore what was there. It took Adi Da more than 33 years to Spiritually Establish this great Ashram and Holy Place and we have only just begun our task of restoring the island.  

Naturally, we can be easily distracted by our own needs and responsibilities, but we ask that everyone make a special effort to continue to attend to the recovery process for the long haul. Please continue to support the full restoration of the island with your prayers and financial contributions. Volunteers have already made a huge contribution with their energetic service.  We need a constant stream of volunteers, skilled and unskilled. Consider coming to Naitauba to serve in the near future.

As reported earlier, the island’s lifeline to the outside world, is now fully back in operation. Our sea transport for retreatants, volunteers and supplies now makes its weekly journey regularly to Taveuni Island. This relieves Naitauba of dependence on seaplanes and the island now receives fresh food and other necessary supplies weekly on board the Turaga Dau Laloma.

And, finally, our friend Buren, injured in refloating the Turaga Dau Laloma, is recovering well and is in good spirits.  He is receiving regular treatments together with physical therapy. For the first time since his accident, this week he was able to stand on his remaining leg for a few moments. Thanks to your generous support for Buren, we are able to cover his medical expenses and to provide simple furnishings to make him more comfortable in his new living circumstance.

Donate now to provide cyclone relief for Naitauba.