Naitauba Primary School and Safe-House


On February 20, 2016, Tropical Cyclone Winston hit the Island of Naitauba causing tremendous damage in the village of Ciqomi. Ciqomi has approximately 28 families, indigenous Fijian and Indo-Fijian, and most families have children in kindergarten or primary school.

The Ciqomi school after the stormWhen the cyclone struck this horse-shoe shaped village, it swept up from the shore, where the waves and winds wiped out the low-lying houses. All across the village the high winds sent roofing flying, taking out porches, roofs and walls, and household items were swept away.

The storm was very traumatic for the people in Ciqomi. When roofs were lifted off their houses, most families took refuge in the community hall. The roof of that building was partially damaged when another roof sailed into it in the high winds. Rainwater poured in for the next four hours at the height of the cyclone, and the villagers used humor and prayer to keep their spirits up while buildings shattered all around them.

When the storm abated, residents came out to survey the damage. The Primary school had lost its veranda with serious damage to the roof, and the kindergarten had also lost its roof.

Eventually classes resumed in the damaged Primary school building. But a plan was needed to provide for both the schooling of the children, and the safety of the families of Ciqomi. A design was developed and a perfect location was identified on higher ground. The new building will be about three times the size of the existing school, with three classrooms, a library, an office for three teachers, and interior bathrooms. The secondary aspect, which also very important, is its service as a safe-house. The building will be concrete construction and engineered to withstand Category 5 cyclones.



With the threat of more dangerous global weather patterns and storm season starting again in just a few months, it is urgent that work on this project begin soon. There are people ready to start right away on the construction, but funds are needed to make it a reality.


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