The Sacred Island of Naitauba, Fiji

Naitauba Island (Adi Da Samrajashram) is a pristine island in Northern Lau, Fiji. It is the Hermitage Sanctuary of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, spiritually empowered by Him as the primary place from which His Blessing flows perpetually to the world. Adi Da lived on Naitauba for 25 years, imbuing it with His sacred Blessing, and working to establish the island as a unique esoteric spiritual and ecological treasure. The island was His principal ashram home and it remains the location of the most  precious sacred sites and temples in Adidam off-site, including The “Brightness”, Adi Da’s Mahasamadhi burial site.

Devotee residents of Adi Da Samrajashram have chosen a life of serious spiritual practice in relationship with Avatar Adi Da, secluded from the distractions of the common world. Their daily life is focussed in meditation and sacred worship, and on serving and glorifying all that Adi Da Samraj created there for the sake of all beings.

Those living on the island are also strongly committed to the principles of green living, sustainable energy, self-sufficiency, cooperation, tolerance and peace, as instructed by Adi Da. Adi Da’s devotees and the multi-racial local staff live together in harmony, serving and protecting the sacred and natural environment of the island..


Naitauba is a Divine Gift for the sake of everyone—not just for those who live here now, but a profound Gift to everyone. I am happy for My devotees, and we are happy together. We can make a difference with this place, this piece of Earth. This place is not just a piece of land but a piece of life, a piece of Earth itself—a chakra, a center of influence that could change the life of humankind. What a beauty! What a grace! May all beings be Blessed! May the Island be Blessed! May all who argue with the Truth and who despair be made Blissful and be transformed by the Living One. May all beings on this planet—human, non-human, and beyond the human, come and gone, here and elsewhere—know Happiness and Love-Bliss. May they all be Blessed by this event. May they be Blessed. May they be Blessed. May they be Blessed.

— Adi Da Samraj


Over the years many beautiful temples and meditation halls have been built on Naitauba, as well as housing and retreat facilities, art and music studios, a clinic, a primary school for the children of Fijian staff, roads, orchards, an organic farm, a rainwater collection system and other infrastructure. An extensive solar power project is being developed, and the natural environment and indigenous wildlife are also carefully protected, including the lagoon and coral reef and the many and varied species of fish, birds, bats, iguanas, butterflies and crabs.

As a benign presence in Fiji for more than thirty-five years, Adi Da Samrajashram provides support, livelihood, and assistance for many local families and children.

Members of Adidam and invited guests from around the world visit Naitauba regularly for meditation retreat, service, and special celebrations. In order to support the focus of contemplation, application is required to come to Naitauba, and access is by invitation only. Adi Da Samrajashram is imbued with the powerful spiritual presence of Adi Da Samraj, from the countless hours and days that He spent living and working there. Because of this, Naitauba will always be a core place of pilgrimage and spiritual retreat for present and future generations of devotees of Adi Da Samraj.

As a uniquely pure sanctuary of spiritual blessing, and a protected natural treasure of rare and increasing environmental significance, Naitauba Island is a true sacred gift to the world.


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