Adi Da Samraj (1939-2008)

Naitauba Island is named Adi Da Samrajashram because it is the sacred hermitage ashram of Avatar Adi Da Samraj — spiritual teacher, artist, and founder of the Reality-Way of Adidam.

Sometimes known in Fiji as Turaga Dauloloma Vunirarama (the Great Lord who is the Divine Adept of Love and Brightness), Adi Da Samraj made Naitauba His principal home for more than thirty-five years. He moved to Naitauba in 1983, with the intention to find a set apart place from which to do His Work of Spiritual Blessing. He was a great and respected friend to the Fijians, to the non-humans, and to the entire world. Adi Da passed from the physical body on Naitauba Island in 2008.

Adi Da Samraj spiritually empowered the island of Naitauba as the seat of His Eternal Blessing in the world.  Because of this, His devotees will care for Naitauba and preserve the Work that He did there in perpetuity. Naitauba is also the home of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order, the senior renunciate order of devotees in Adidam.


Come Here to Me in My Holy House and Ground

—Adi Da Samrajashram,

the Island of Naitauba (in the Fiji Islands),

Where the Sun rises to begin every new day of the world.

—Adi Da Samraj


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