Cyclone Winston News Updates

Naitauba Update, May 2018

The village of Ciqomi on Naitauba Island in Fiji houses about 28 employee families. Most of the families have children in kindergarten or primary school. During tropical cyclone Winston in February 2016, the kindergarten lost its roof and the primary school suffered serious damage to its roof and lost its veranda.

After the cyclone, a new school was designed to withstand category 5 cyclones. The reinforced all-concrete buildings also serve as safe shelter during future cyclones for the entire staff and families of Ciqomi village.

Clearing of the land began in December 2016. Local workers and Canadian volunteers laid the foundations and floor in early 2017. The new buildings are three times larger than the old school, with four classrooms, a library, an office for teachers, and a water tank. The opening ceremony in May 2018 included a ribbon-cutting, sacred Blessing of the buildings, tours, mekes, and a lovo feast for everyone from both villages Qaravi and as well as Ciqomi.

Thanks to the outpouring of financial support from devotees of Avatar Adi Da Samraj and many others around the world, as well as the onsite efforts of professional crews and volunteers, it has been a year of great progress in restoring Naitauba from the devastation caused by Cyclone Winston two years ago. We thank you all for your great help in this process. In the wake of the cyclone, it was estimated that it would take four years and millions of dollars to repair and restore the destruction caused by the huge storm.

Naitauba Aerial view

It is now over a year since Cyclone Winston brought enormous damage to many parts of Fiji. Here on Naitauba, a vast recovery effort has been accomplished by the world-wide community of devotees, residents and retreatants at Adi Da Samrajashram, local staff, and others from within Fiji and abroad who have given their time and money with such heart-breaking generosity. We hope you enjoy this update describing notable activities of recent months.

This period began with the arrival of a huge barge, towed from Suva by an ocean-going tugboat, and aptly named Colossus.

Arrival of Collossus the barge

A most Happy New Year to all!

Thank you with all our hearts for your incredible support in the wake of Cyclone Winston that hit the Island of Naitauba – Adi Da Samrajashram – in February 2016. The financial and manpower support has been incredibly generous. Many skilled and unskilled devotees and friends have come to serve Adi Da Samrajashram and have made a huge difference in the recovery process.

We thought that this would be a good time to give you an update, to celebrate what has been accomplished and to remind each other of what is yet to be done.

Cyclone Winston struck the sacred island of Naitauba four months ago. During this time service to the island has been extraordinary.  Much restoration on a basic level has been accomplished; much still remains to be done. This will take years rather than months. Here on Naitauba the steady stream of retreatants that come each week is deeply appreciated. Every single person makes a significant difference. In this moment of dire need, everyone is very happy to help, even those volunteers who are just discovering Adi Da but have special skills that are desperately needed now.


Current Progress

Almost four months after the devastation of Cyclone Winston, the seemingly endless recovery and restoration process on this breathtakingly beautiful and most sacred Island of Naitauba continues daily. Much clean up and repair has occurred and continues slowly, but surely.

After more than two and one half months since Cyclone Winston, Naitauba, a great Spiritual Treasure and the Source of Adi Da Samraj’s world blessing work, continues to recover and to heal. Much of the damage to roads, utilities and marine transportation has been repaired and we are providing safe shelter for all the residents as well as restoring and securing all the articles and sites that were empowered by Adi Da. Focusing on the most vulnerable Temples and residences, we are also beginning the process of migrating to higher ground.

Thank you all for your support in the restoration of the beautiful Sacred Island of Naitauba. It has been just over two months since the devastating cyclone Winston and a great deal has been accomplished. But there is a huge amount of work yet to be done.