Recovering From Cyclone Winston

Like many other parts of Fiji, Naitauba Island was directly in the track of Tropical Cyclone Winston, the fiercest storm ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere.

The eye of the storm passed directly over Naitauba on February 19th, 2016 (as you can see in the satellite image to the right), and the strongest wind speeds, at over 180 mph, were recorded just 25 miles away. There was very severe damage to the island. Many thousands of trees were blown over and dozens of residences and structures in the two main population areas, Ciqomi and Qaravi, suffered major damage or were destroyed. The main boats used for transportation to and from the island were badly damaged. The vegetable crops and fruit-bearing trees in the organic farm were devastated, and power and communications infrastructure also suffered severe damage. In some parts of the island, the extreme cyclone winds were the main cause of the destruction, while in other areas there were huge storm swells, and ocean water made its way into Temples and Holy sites as well as other functional buildings.

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Miraculously, there were no injuries among the over 200 residents of the island. Also fortunately, in preceding years some of the most important structures had been upgraded with very strong walls and roofs, and these survived very well despite the ferocity of the cyclone.

Aerial photograph of the desctruction at Ciqomi village on Naitauba after cyclone Winstont. Source: Fijian government
Aerial photograph of the desctruction at Ciqomi staff quarters on Naitauba after Cyclone Winston. Source: Fijian government. (Click on image to view full size.)

The Now, more than two years after the storm, most of the damaged buildings have been repaired and strengthened.  A new school has been built that will also function as cyclone shelter for employees and their families residing on Naitauba.  However there is still much construction work to do to replace buildings that were completely destroyed, and your donations continue to be deeply appreciated.

The damage from Cyclone Winston was not limited to Naitauba, of course. There was catastrophic destruction in many neighboring islands, with many buildings literally flattened and unfortunately throughout Fiji over 40 lost their lives. Extreme weather continues to affect Fiji and its people, so please also consider donating directly to the many emergency relief organizations helping across Fiji, such as Fiji Red Cross Society.



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Photographs of the destruction at the village of Qaravi on Naitauba after Cyclone Winston.
(Click on images to view full size.)